Quicksilver Messenger Service

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  1. 1Smokestack Lightning11:08
  2. 2Codine06:43
  3. 3Light Your Windows03:02
  4. 4Who Do You Love13:39
  5. 5The Fool13:22
Liner Notes

John Cipollina - guitar, vocals; Gary Duncan - guitar, vocals; David Freiberg - bass, vocals; Greg Elmore - drums

This is Quicksilver's first night of a two-night, four-show run, opening for Electric Flag and headliners Steppenwolf. This live concert recording is essential listening. Fans of the quartet lineup that recorded the first QMS LP and Happy Trails will love these sets, as they took place right between those first two LPs.

This is possibly the best overall early QMS set ever captured on tape. It's a sheer delight for fans of the band's early experimental and improvisational material as all of the band's "jam vehicles" are included. The set opening cover of "Smokestack Lightning" starts things off in a sizzling manner. They follow with a cover of Buffy Saint Marie's "Codine" which the band recorded the previous year for the Revolution movie soundtrack LP. A track from their first album is up next, with the rarely played "Light Your Windows," providing a breif glimpse of the band's quieter side before they really let loose.

Beginning with the ominous opening groans from the guitar, they kick into "Who Do You Love" at full bore. This cooks for a solid 13 minutes and while it's not quite as expansive as it would become, the concentrated energy level is captivating throughout.

They return to the first album for the highly adventurous "The Fool," now fully developed and performed with total confidence. In all, it's another great performance of classic San Francisco psychedelia at its prime.