Quicksilver Messenger Service

Sample this concert
  1. 1Introduction / Dino's Song04:09
  2. 2You Don't Love Me03:19
  3. 3I Hear You Knockin'04:16
  4. 4Gold And Silver03:21
  5. 5Codine05:13
  6. 6Suzie Q04:19
  7. 7Hey Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut03:26
  8. 8Pride Of Man03:08
Liner Notes

Jim Murray - guitar, harmonica, vocals; John Cipollina - guitar, vocals; Gary Duncan - guitar, vocals; David Freiberg - bass, vocals; Greg Elmore - drums

This is a rare early recording of the original quintet lineup of Quicksilver Messenger Service. Jim Murray, who would exit the band prior to their first album being recorded, would play a role in establishing the early sound of the group, along with the distinctive dual lead guitar attack of Duncan and Cipollina.

Other than the set opener "Dino's Song," an early take on the instrumental "Gold and Silver," and the set closer, a cover of Hamilton Camp's "Pride Of Man," this early Quicksilver set features cover material that would not be included on the band's early albums.

Buffy Saint Marie's "Codine," a song about the harrowing effects of hard drug addiction, and Dale Hawkins' "Suzy Q" would remain staples of the band's early repertoire, as would "I Hear You Knockin," a song recorded for, but left off of, the first album.

The two extreme rarities here are a cover of "You Don't Love Me," the Willie Cobbs song that would be immortalized by The Allman Brothers Band on their At Fillmore East live album and Bo Diddley's "Hey Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut." Bo Diddley would prove to be a huge influence on the group's early sound and his "Who Do You Love" and "Mona" would become centerpieces for the group's improvisational explorations in the years to come.

This set is a fine example of the band in the early stages of development, still primarily playing covers but beginning to create a distinctive sound of their own.