Sample this concert
  1. 1Hello My Baby02:04
  2. 2Billy Breathes06:34
  3. 3Piper06:53
  4. 4Roggae06:09
  5. 5Loving Cup06:28
  6. 6Albuquerque04:08
  7. 7The Old Home Place04:13
  8. 8Guyute09:48
  9. 9Brian & Robert03:22
  10. 10Sarah McLachlan introduction / testing01:03
  11. 11Sad Lisa03:45
  12. 12Four Strong Winds04:26
  13. 13I Shall Be Released06:50
  14. 14Neil & Pegi outro00:47
Liner Notes

Trey Anastasio - guitar, vocals; Mike Gordon - bass, banjo, vocals; Jon Fishman - drums, percussion, vocals; Page McConnell - piano, acoustic bass, vocals; Guests:; Sarah McLachlan - guitar, vocals.; Neil Young - guitar, vocals; Kevin Hearn- accordion

Like the previous night, this set is notable for being a rare acoustic gig. Sarah McLachlan sits in on a one-off cover of Cat Stevens' "Sad Lisa." Neil Young also joins in on "Four Strong Winds" and "I Shall Be Released."