Phil Collins

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  1. 1Doesn't Anyone Stay Together Anymore05:28
  2. 2I Missed Again04:16
  3. 3You Can't Hurry Love04:10
Liner Notes

Midge Ure All Star Band:; Midge Ure - synthesizers, guitars, vocals, musical director; Brian May - guitars, vocals; Mark Brzezicki - drums, vocals; Phil Collins - drums, vocals; Mick Karn - bass; Howard Jones - keyboards, vocals; Eric Clapton All Star Band:; Alan Clark - keyboards, vocals; Ray Cooper - Percussion, vocals; Nahan East - bass, vocals; Steve Ferrone - drums, vocals; Elton John - piano, vocals; Mark Knopfler - guitars, vocals;; Barry Gardner, Gary Barnacle, John Thirkell, Luke Tunney, Pete Thoms - Horns; Gillian O'Donovan, Suzie O'List - Backing vocals

Phil Collins had been a supporter and performer for the Prince's Trust going back to 1982. At this show, he performed in the backing band led by Midge Ure, but for his own material, he was backed by the Clapton band that included Mark Knopfler, Elton John, and of course, Eric Clapton (whom Collins was producing at the time).

Collins was making his way from prog-rock superstar (and Genesis member) in the '70s to pop balladeer and solo artist in the 1980s. He does three solo hits in this show: "Doesn't Anyone Stay Together Anymore," "I Missed Again," and his remake of the Supremes classic, "You Can't Hurry Love."

The Prince's Trust was a charity organization formed by The Prince of Wales, in 1976, after he completed his duty in the Royal Navy. Now in its 32nd year, The Trust has become the UK's leading youth charity, offering a range of opportunities including training, personal development, business start up support, mentoring and advice. The first of the charity concerts began in 1982, and was headlined by Status Quo. After its success several other mainstream superstars jumped on board and between 1983 and 1987, the concerts featured such artists as George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Tina Turner, Bryan Adams, Pete Townshend, Joan Armatrading, Madness, Kate Bush, and Phil Collins.

This performance from the 1988 Prince's Trust Rock Gala, included an all star cast of the biggest names in the business (at that time). Included in the show were:
Eric Clapton; Elton John; Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits; Joe Cocker; Queen's Brian May; The Bee Gees; Howard Jones; Ultravox's Midge Ure; Rick Astley; Wet Wet Wet; T'Pau; Brian May; Peter Gabriel; Leonard Cohen, and Phil Collins. The show was overwhelming success (both artistically and financially), helping to raise over £48 million for the charity for that year.

Musically, it was a mix of legendary songs and current Top 40 hits of that time. Superstars such as Elton John and Mark Knopfler performed one song each, but flavor-of-the-month pop stars such as T'pau and Wet Wet Wet performed three or four songs each, none of which were very big hits outside of the UK. Still, there was incredible music made at this show (actually the two nights were taped, but it is not sure what nights these were taken from).

The performers were backed by two all star bands, which played alternatively. The Midge Ure All Star Band featured such players as Queen's Brian May on guitar; Howard Jones on keyboards; Phil Collins and Mark Brzezicki (from Big Country) on drums; and Mick Karn on bass, among others. The Eric Clapton All Star Band features "Slowhand" himself, on guitar; Elton John on piano; Mark Knopfler on guitar; along with mostly members from the Clapton band of that time.

There are a number of memorable moments from the 1988 Prince's Rock Trust among them: Peter Gabriel's stunning take on "Sledgehammer;" Joe Cocker's soaring version of "The Letter" (backed by the Midge Ure All Stars); and nClapton's biting version of "Cocaine." The show ends with the entire cast backing Joe Cocker on his spastic version of the Beatles classic. "With A Little Help With My Friends."

The entire show was broadcast on The King Biscuit Flower Hour in 1988, and was released as a home video some years later