Peter Wolf

  • Date May 17, 1982
  • Total Length 11:05
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Liner Notes

Peter Wolf, the front man for the J. Geils Band, would leave the group shortly after this interview was recorded due to artistic differences. However, here he comes across as very appreciative of the band and confident in its continued existence. Added bonuses include his surprise at Lisa Robinson's insinuation that he was a bit loopy, his thoughts on the FCC's ban of "Give it to Me," and his description of some of his stranger stage antics.

00:00 - The excitement of the first number one hit, having goals, making good music, growth as a band
01:30 - Having a private life, enjoying the fans
01:45 - "Give It To Me" banned by the FCC, becoming "the bad boys of Boston"
03:00 - Continuing to push boundaries, rock n' roll as a means of rebellion
04:20 - Trying their best at everything they do as a band, achieving success
05:00 - Exciting music and new groups / the economy giving rock n' roll a new vitality, conservative nature of record companies and radio
06:05 - No personnel changes within the band / "musical group therapy"
07:00 - Debt and bankruptcy within the band
07:55 - The ways he is crazy / releasing emotion helps the music
09:00 - Focusing on the work instead of the "show business" side of things, private life is private
09:40 - Jumping into the audience / invention of the wireless mic / going into the balconies to be with the fans