Paul McCartney

  • Date Aug 24, 1989
  • Total Length 26:01
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  1. 1Press Conference15:07
  2. 2Interview10:54
Liner Notes

The year was 1989 and Paul McCartney hadn't been on the road since the 1975/1976 Wings Over the World tour. Small wonder then that the press conference at the Lyceum Theater in New York announcing the world tour supporting Flowers In The Dirt was a lively affair. McCartney is in top form here, no doubt feeding off members of the press who, at times, act like giddy teenage girls from 1964. Amidst this laughter and applause, highlights of the press conference include nods to Jerry Garcia, to Yoda, and to Reagan and Gorbachev "getting it on."

Also included here is an interview with Scott Muni (apparently Paul was a big fan) in which they talk mostly about the upcoming tour, including profiles of each of the band members. There are also some gems of reminiscence here, including seeing Jimi Hendrix' first show and quitting as the lead guitarist for The Beatles.

Press Conference
01:04 - Getting older and still playing rock n' roll
01:30 - The Grateful Dead and Muddy Waters as inspirations
01:56 - Playing for people who have never seen him before
02:10 - Differences between touring in the '90's and the '60's
02:50 - Corporate sponsors: Michael Jackson, The Beatles
03:46 - Corporate sponsors: finding one that fits for the tour
04:33 - Picking songs to play on the tour
05:24 - Playing Beatles songs he's never played live before
05:42 - [Paul leads applause for Scott Muni]
05:51 - Playing Hey Jude
06:29 - Writing with Elvis Costello / plans for future collaborations
07:08 - The process of writing Put It There
07:51 - Yesterday came in a dream [Yoda impersonation]
08:14 - The Dead still touring
08:51 - Dates for the tour
09:42 - Plans for releasing the Russian album / compilation of rarities
10:49 - Supporting act(s) for the tour
11:09 - A Richard Lester movie for the tour
11:55 - Heading in a jazz direction?
12:46 - Touring in Russia: learning from history
13:30 - Plans for an autobiography
14:55 - Dodgy books about The Beatles

Interview with Scott Muni
00:18 - Excitement for the upcoming tour
00:43 - The band
00:55 - Hamish Stewart
01:46 - Linda McCartney and Wix (Paul Wickens)
02:46 - Spoiled by Jimi Hendrix
03:49 - Robbie McIntosh
04:12 - Chris Whitten
05:47 - Material for the tour
08:27 - Playing lead guitar with The Beatles
08:51 - Dates for the tour
10:13 - Special guests for the tour (Elvis Costello, David Gilmour)