Music For UNICEF Concert

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ABBA; The Bee Gees; Rita Coolidge; Kris Kristofferson; John Denver; Earth, Wind & Fire; Olivia Newton-John; Rod Stewart; Donna Summer; Gilda Radner; Henry Winkler

00:00 - 01:20 David Frost: Founder Award Presentation to Kurt Waldheim (UN Secretary General)
01:20 - 04:00 Kurt Waldheim: speech and aknowledgements
04:00 - 06:04 Harry Labouisse (executive director of Unicef): Speech
06:04 -06:44 Kurt Waldheim: special United Nations Award presentation
06:44 - 09:40 Childrens Choir: Teach Your Children
09:40 - 10:18 aknowledgement banter before finale featuring everyone
10:18 - end All Personnel: Put A Little Love In Your Heart
(15:30 David Frost says goodnight -over music)