Midge Ure

  • Date Dec 24, 1988
  • Total Length 15:08
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Liner Notes

On the phone with Midge Ure from London, Scott Muni focuses the questions in this interview on Midge's charity work, of which he had done quite a bit. Ure co-wrote "Do They Know it's Christmas?" with Bob Geldof and, earlier in 1988, also acted as music director for Prince's Trust Rock Gala. His charity work ties in nicely with his explanation of his single "Dear God" from his new solo album, Answers to Nothing, but otherwise little is mentioned of Midge's solo career or his work with Ultravox. After listening, though, you will be sure to share Scott Muni's admiration and gratitude for Ure.

00:20 - Prince's Trust: the ease of being the musical director
01:21 - A mix of the old and new acts
02:22 - Rushing to do the Nelson Mandela Freedom Festival
03:18 - The relief of completing a benefit show / the reasons to do them
04:30 - Writing "Do They Know It's Christmas?" with Bob Geldof
05:32 - The recently changed perception of rock artists
06:00 - Human Rights Now
06:45 - The first solo album, sort of (Answers to Nothing)
07:43 - "Dear God" / spiritual beliefs
09:19 - The origins of Band Aid
11:44 - First meeting Bob Geldof
12:43 - Thanks / plans for coming to the U.S.