Mark Knopfler

  • Date Jun 6, 1988
  • Total Length 26:31
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Liner Notes

Recorded the night after the opening Prince's Trust Rock Gala show in 1988, this interview by Scott Muni focuses on Mark Knopfler's extensive involvement with charities. Besides explaining the cause of the previous night's concert, there is also a good amount of dicussion of South Africa in anticipation of Dire Straits' reunion at the upcoming Freedom Festival for Nelson Mandela, as well as the logistical considerations of charitable performances.

There are lighter moments as well. For example, Scott Muni can't seem to get enough about his relationship with Eric Clapton, with whom Mark had shared the stage the night before. They also talk about his work with Bob Dylan, his earliest musical influences, and some up and coming bands to keep one's eyes on (including Salt-N-Pepa!). In spite of Knopfler's inability to suppress his yawns, he is thoughtful, honest, and speaking on behalf of honorable causes, making this an excellent listen.

00:00 - Working, touring with Eric Clapton
01:30 - Current projects / hoping to rest
02:18 - Back to talking about Clapton: guitar lending, knowing each other, similar roots
03:51 - Doing charity work: Prince's Trust, Children's Hospital, Musical Therapy
06:11 - Musicians playing out of context
07:13 - Nelson Mandela Freedom Festival, Amnesty International
09:33 - Current status of Dire Straits
10:07 - The new acts at Prince's Trust / playing through adversity for a good cause
11:08 - Producing Bob Dylan's Infidels
12:25 - Dire Straits' success in Australia
13:03 - Tina Turner (?)
13:11 - Limitations of charity concerts
14:49 - More charities
16:24 - More rehearsals, more Prince's Trust, more rehearsals….
17:48 - Some new favorite bands
19:19 - Music at home as a boy / blowing up the radio with his guitar
20:39 - Influences coming through Dire Straits music
21:58 - Other influences: The Shadows, Radio Luxembourg, Jimi Hendrix
23:26 - First time hearing Clapton / keeping the thrill alive
25:04 - The Boer War; the outrage in South Africa