Mariah Carey

Sample this concert
  1. 1Introduction01:53
  2. 2Emotions (take 1)03:57
  3. 3Stage Banter & Introductions00:51
  4. 4If Its Over (take 1)03:56
  5. 5Stage Banter / Ambience / Song Intro01:31
  6. 6Someday04:02
  7. 7Vision Of Love04:02
  8. 8Make It Happen04:22
  9. 9I'll Be There / Vocal Ensemble Introductions06:13
  10. 10Emotions (take 2)04:30
  11. 11Saturday Night Live Horns Introductions00:34
  12. 12If Its Over (take 2 - false start)00:56
  13. 13Can't Let Go04:46
Liner Notes

Core Band: Mariah Carey - vocals; Walter Afanasieff - piano; David Cole - piano; Dan Shea - harmonium, harpsichord; Vernon "Ice" Black - guitar; Randy Jackson - bass; Greg "Gigi" Gonaway - drums; Ren Klyce - bells, celeste, timpani; Sammy Figueroa - percussion ; Saturday Night Live Horns: George Young - alto saxophone; Lenny Pickett - tenor saxophone; Lew Del Gatto - baritone saxophone; Earl Gardner - trumpet; Steve Turre - trombone;; String Section: Cecilia Hobbs - strings; Laura Corcos - strings; Belinda Whitney-Barratt - strings; Winterton Garvey - strings;; Daryl Douglas Ensemble Choir: Trey Lorenz - vocals; Patrique McMillian - vocals; Geno Morris - vocals; Spencer Washington - vocals; Liz Stewart - vocals; Peggy Harley - vocals; Henry Casper - vocals; Melonie Daniels - vocals; Cheree Price - vocals; Kelly Price - vocals

Following the success of Mariah Carey's second multi-platinum album in a row, Emotions, and her well publicized reluctance to tour, fans and critics alike questioned whether her perfect pitch and astounding 5-octave vocal range was a result of studio trickery. In reality, Carey's reluctance to tour was based on a very real case of stage fright and the strenuous workout that many of her songs required.

To put all claims of her being a manufactured artist to rest, Carey's management booked an appearance on the popular live music series "MTV Unplugged, " which would dispel all doubts and reach an enormous viewing audience simultaneously.

Presented here in it's entirety, is Mariah Carey's recording session from that memorable night in March of 1992, singing before an intimate audience at New York City's Kaufman Astoria Studios. Backed by an impressive roster of highly respected studio musicians that comprise her core band, in addition to a string section, vocal ensemble and the Saturday Night Live horn section, this now legendary Mariah Carey performance isn't strictly "unplugged," but for the first time ever it is presented here complete and unedited.