Mance Lipscomb

Sample this concert
  1. 1I Want to Do Something for You02:43
  2. 2Shine On Harvest Moon01:51
  3. 3Song Introduction00:26
  4. 4See You Mama Every Night02:02
  5. 5Song Introduction00:25
  6. 6Key To The Highway (Incomplete)02:31
  7. 7Sad And Lonesome Day (Incomplete)02:17
  8. 8Rock Me Mama03:42
  9. 9Ella Speed02:22
  10. 10Ain't That Lovin' You Baby02:15
  11. 11Song Introduction02:43
  12. 12Baby Please Don't Go02:32
  13. 13Song Introduction00:36
  14. 14Mother Had A Sick Child02:59
  15. 15Motherless Children03:45