Mad Caddies May 7, 2014

Mad Caddies

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:09
  2. 2Brand New Scar03:55
  3. 3Down And Out04:19
  4. 4Backyard02:56
Mad Caddies May 7, 2014
Liner Notes

There have been a lot of people parading out the mantra, "Be the change you wish to see in the world" since what looks like a senseless and criminal act of police brutality and racism in St. Louis. The thought is intoxicating in theory, but much harder to achieve. When surrounded by dipshits who have no clue about human decency or a greater good and don't wish to change a bit, it can only lead one to cash out to the futility of such an endeavor. In soaking all of the debris and clumsy fuck-all, it leads a guy to take that lottery ticket he just bought and rip it to shreds before he even hears the winning numbers, sure in his losses. California's Mad Caddies take us up to the edge of that point of choosing in the song "Backyard," and suggest that everything you need to fix your disease is right there in your backyard, or implicitly, right there in your kitchen, right there in the rooms where your children sleep, right there in your bedroom, right there in the pictures on the shelves and in the neighbors slugging through their own problems while they're watering their grass. The bigger picture is never going to matter unless a guy can stop failing in love, or can start failing more gracefully. Then it's possible to be that little bit of change that can do something. Having a lot more people holding hands and dancing would be a great thing.