Lou Reed

  • Date Jun 21, 1982
  • Total Length 09:43
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Liner Notes

Always outspoken, unpredictable, and volatile, Lou Reed is in fine form here as he chats with Lisa Robinson. There are spirited rants and unapologetic recollections about his checkered past. At the same time, Robinson is able to elicit a sensitive side not usually associated with Reed, making this interview an intriguing portrait of a rock star trying to settlie down in his personal life and career.

00:00 - The depressing state of radio
00:40 - Lou's opinion of hip-hop and country music
01:20 - Trouble relating to his past / lucky to break the habits
02:12 - Saving graces
02:28 - The "Lou Reed character"
03:00 - "Walk on the Wild Side": real characters
03:47 - Rock N' Roll Animal: reaction to Berlin; what he thinks about the album
05:20 - Rip-offs: "Sweet Jane," "Twist and Shout," "Louie, Louie," "Love Stinks"
06:38 - Not liking touring / believing what he writes
08:20 - Why he never wanted to perform again / getting better
09:21 - Not taking things personally