Lou Reed

Sample this concert
  1. 1Sweet Jane04:14
  2. 2I'm Waiting For My Man04:24
  3. 3Martial Law04:08
  4. 4Sunday Morning03:43
  5. 5Sally Can't Dance04:37
  6. 6Don't Talk To Me02:27
  7. 7Women04:32
  8. 8Waves Of Fear03:40
  9. 9Walk On The Wild Side04:52
  10. 10Pow Wow02:36
  11. 11Turn Out the Light03:13
  12. 12Underneath The Bottle02:09
  13. 13New Age05:00
  14. 14Band Intro01:23
  15. 15Betrayed03:30
  16. 16Average Guy03:14
  17. 17There She Goes Again03:23
  18. 18Kill Your Sons06:10
  19. 19Satellite Of Love06:47
  20. 20White Light / White Heat04:09
  21. 21I'll Be Your Mirror03:15
  22. 22Some Kinda Love06:28
  23. 23post show dressing room06:18
Liner Notes

Lou Reed - Guitar, Vocals; Robert Quine - Guitar; Fernando Saunders - Bass, Vocals; Fred Maher - Drums

This is another show from Lou's first run of gigs in 3 years with a new band. Reed whips out quite a bit of Velvet Underground material on this set; commonly performed VU material is plentiful, but he also plays some rarely performed VU songs (Sunday Morning, I'll Be Your Mirror, New Age, There She Goes Again) and the band is in great form throughout, especially bassist Fernando Saunders.

Be sure to check out the last track. With no break in audio after the last song, a microphone follows the group back to the dressing room where we hear the group discussing the performance just seconds after it ended. Quite interesting to hear, as Reed is very pleased with the performance. He even says how happy he is that this show was proffessionally recorded because he usually has to rely on poor quality fan recordings to hear how things went.