Lou Reed and the Tots

Sample this concert
  1. 1White Light White Heat (incomplete)03:40
  2. 2Wagon Wheel04:19
  3. 3I'm Waiting For My Man07:42
  4. 4Walk And Talk It03:56
  5. 5Sweet Jane04:55
  6. 6Vicious03:34
  7. 7I Can't Stand It03:56
  8. 8Satellite Of Love03:45
  9. 9Heroin (Incomplete)06:40
  10. 10I'm So Free (Incomplete)03:53
  11. 11Walk On The Wild Side06:25
  12. 12Rock & Roll06:30
  13. 13Sister Ray13:01
Liner Notes

Lou Reed - guitar, vocals; Vinny Laporta - guitar; Eddie Reynolds - guitar; Bobby Resigno - bass; Scottie Clark - drums

Here's a more vintage Uncut Lou Reed - this one from the Dawson archive, recorded at University Of Pittsburgh, Johnston, PA on 3/16/1973. Surprisingly good quality on this and it seems to be the complete set other than where the master cassette was flipped.