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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:07
  2. 2WERK Pt II03:05
  3. 3Faded03:23
  4. 4Batches And Cookies (featuring Sophia Eris)03:02
  5. 5Paris03:13
Lizzo Mar 15, 2014
Liner Notes

The finer things in life are great. You know, caviar, penthouses, jets, champagne and expensive shoes. But it might be that the simple things are better and better for you. We can appreciate the things that come easily -- swag bags, handouts, luck of the draw -- but all that comes from toil, sweat and some hustle is much more gratifying. Or, it can be more gratifying. The sights and sounds of the luxurious are interesting and often intoxicating, but we rarely gain them. They are rarely ours for the taking. The force of nature known as Lizzo creates an air about her that feels authentically glamorous, without any real need for the glamor. She's intimidatingly bold and loud and saucy and sexy and fun and confident and ambitious and proud. She's one of those people who is shooting for the moon and she's planning on bringing it back with her. She's going to throw it on a chain, with a clasp, and wear it around her neck, blinging for everyone to see and pet, if they want to. She demands that the big pot of gold exists at the end of her rainbow. She insists that it's all hers, but her friends are just an extension of her so all will be well. She is sweat equity. She is good stock and she is charmingly brash. She raps about all that carpe diem shit and she believes it. She wills it. She will topple all doomsayers.