Leslie West

  • Date Jan 1, 1987
  • Total Length 21:37
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Liner Notes

Guitarist extraordinaire Leslie West recounts some of the most classic rock and roll stories you'll ever hear in this terrific interview. Recorded on an unknown date in 1987, the interviewer (whom is referred to by two different names over the course of this chat) barely plays a part here, only speaking when West comes to lulls between anecdotes. The result is wonderful, with West reeling off hilarious stories about The Who, Keith Moon and Ozzy Osbourne as well as more sensitive recollections of Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Felix Pappalardi and Jack Bruce. Whether funny or serious, West seems sincerely appreciative for the times he has had and, as a result, if you weren't already a fan of the man you will be after this listening.

00:00 - Recording with The Who / confusing Felixes
01:22 - Staying friendly with The Who
01:44 - A close encounter with death for Keith Moon
03:15 - Reminiscing about Keith Moon and the tension in The Who
04:01 - How The Who were able to stay together for so long / implications for Mountain
06:46 - Learning from Keith Moon
07:44 - One of the funniest stories about Ozzy Osbourne you may ever hear
08:38 - PR work for Mountain by Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, Ten Years After
09:47 - Touring with Ten Years After / playing the same set for three years
10:46 - Being star-struck (Jagger and Lennon)
12:00 - Playing for fun / learning from Phil Collins / keeping busy
13:30 - Biggest influences for becoming a musician (Presley, Clapton, Townshend)
14:49 - Felix Pappalardi producing Cream and The Vagrants / how Mountain started
16:20 - Playing with Jack Bruce
16:33 - Mountain's quick ascent (Woodstock as the third gig)
17:50 - How the record industry has changed / one in a million shot
19:19 - Not wanting to meet Clapton
19:57 - His favorite concert (Cream) / a life-changing experience