LESANDS May 29, 2012


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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:03
  2. 2Easy To Please03:49
  3. 3Games Of Love03:02
  4. 4Rumors03:18
  5. 5Start A New Life04:26
LESANDS May 29, 2012
Liner Notes

People fill themselves with the craziest lightning. They fill themselves with doubts and with thunder and with rainclouds. They fill themselves with considerations and with burning passions. They're willing to lean out over the edge or into the wind to take their chances with others. They're willing to discover themselves with the feedback that they're getting from others whom they're just as interested in. They're continually stopping and starting the process, getting false positives and feeling like they're having to start all over again, from scratch.

Austin Tirado, the lead singer of Los Angeles group Lesands, powers us in the direction of these discoveries - this place where the training wheels of adults are rusting off, a place where the deep end of the water is not a choice, but a requisite. He illustrates these points with silvery slabs of electro rock and roll that are something akin to Andrew Bird curating a Miami Vice marathon. They are blasts of sinking feelings, of apprehension, of unspoken sentiments and of a groove that makes you bite your tongue, squint your eyes into the sun, nod your head approvingly and swivel in VERY sexy ways.

He makes you feel that the people in his songs have done some of or all of the following:
Driven a motorboat
Landed a helicopter
Leapt from a speeding motorboat or a helicopter not on the ground
Tried to brew their own beer
Have gone out for breakfast after having stayed up all night, talking with someone they thought they might be able to marry someday
Carried a knife as a concealed weapon
Spent over four hours in the sun in the last 48 hours
Had an entire bottle of wine to themselves at least once this month
Felt depressed as hell today
Felt goddamn lucky to be alive today