Les Savy Fav

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Les Savy Fav Apr 30, 2008
Liner Notes

We should all be so lucky to be fueled by alcohol. There's no foreign dependencies to worry about and the effects of this kind of transferable form of energy making wouldn't bitch slap the environment all around. Les Savy Fav is when beer meets volcano and then the volcano gets scared by the delirious and beady looks in the Savy eyes. After The Balls Drop -- the title of the band's brand new digital release only live album that can go two ways - carries the kind of bruising and thought-provoking that the rest of the New York City group's recorded efforts do, but this offers the huffing and the puffing and the unplanned banter and dialogue that are beneficial for keeping a resting heart rate up and skittering. Lead singer Tim Harrington - we know from history and vivid imagination - is bare-chested and fashionably tubby, sweating his sack off during the recording of this live performance at the Bowery Ballroom in the Big Apple - but the moistened and red enthusiasm is all there, stiflingly robust and dangerous. When Harrington sings, "See my shadow/Twice the mountain," it comes across in the performance and when drummer Harrison Haynes reads from the epic liner notes that he penned for this digital album, noting the line, "Everyone was awake and happy," it's as if the brevity couldn't have been any more sparklingly ideal. Haynes reads two minutes worth of the detailed jottings of jostlings, hot lights and libations.