Lenka Aug 5, 2013


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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:12
  2. 2Nothing Here But Love03:48
  3. 3After The Winter03:39
  4. 4Trouble Is A Friend03:31
  5. 5Heart To The Party02:51
Lenka Aug 5, 2013
Liner Notes

Love is nothing but a light in the distance, a point out there somewhere, that just keeps moving. It keeps you guessing and stumbling. It looks like it's something that needs to be moved toward. It feels like it's something that you want. You gravitate to it regardless of what your gut is telling you to do. You've clumsily submitted to it. You encourage the lack of precision that it has - the ways that it errs are as interesting as the ways that it connects.

The songs that Lenka writes chime in here and offer us these interesting stories of love and its many faces, its different steps and combinations. Hers are songs that spell the trouble and yet stress the beauty of what it all can become if it's done right. She provides the details and stresses that there might be something to gain out of these crazy searches.