Lelia Broussard

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  1. 1Masquerade03:57
  2. 2Shoot for the Moon04:17
  3. 3Satellite03:20
  4. 4Interview featuring Bess Rogers, Allison Weiss and Lelia Broussard10:52
Liner Notes

It must be said: Lelia Broussard rocks! Bess Rogers quietly brought Lelia by Wolfgang's Vault for a Vault Session in November 2010, while the two shared the Quest For Glory tour with Allison Weiss. A light sense of humor was clearly a well-used instrument of this whole tour, and as soon as each started belting out their heartfelt lyrics, filling the 24,000 square foot vault effortlessly, we - the Vault crew - were thoroughly impressed. Only later did we note that over 1.4 million people had already discovered Lelia on YouTube covering Beyonce's "Single Ladies", and running through a series of fan request cover versions that will stun you. Your Lelia Broussard primer is right here: her 2010 album is called Masquerade and features "Satellite", which you'll find in this session, alongside other vocal gems.
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