Leader of the Pack

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Liner Notes

Bobby Jay - narrator; Ellie Greenwich - Herself; Dinah Manoff - Young Ellie Greenwich (1960s); Patrick Cassidy - Jeff Barry; Annie Golden - Herself; Darlene Love - Herself; Dennis Bailey - Gus Sharkey (based on Phil Spector); Jasmine Guy - Mickey; Barbara Yeager - Shelley; Gina Taylor - Gina; Zora Rasmussen - Ellie's Mom; Pattie Darcy - Lounge Singer; Paul Shafer - various characters, piano, music director

OK, what we have here is indeed interesting! This is one of the original (pre-Broadway!) performances of the world-renowned play "Leader Of The Pack," which is based on the life of songwriter Elle Greenwich. The BIG difference here is that Elle Greenwich plays herself!

Overture - Orchestra
Be My Baby - Annie and Girls
Wait 'til My Bobby Gets Home - Darlene & Company
A . . . My Name Is Ellie + - Young Ellie,
Jivette Boogie Beat + - Young Ellie, Shelley & Mickey
Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts? - Darlene
Today I Met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry - Darlene
I Wanna Love Him So Bad - Young Ellie & Girls
Do Wah Diddy - Jeff & Guys
And Then He Kissed Me' - Young Ellie, Shelley & Mickey
Hanky Panky - Jeff & Guys
Not Too Young To Get Married - Darlene & Girls
Chapel Of Love - Company
Songwriting Medley + - Ellie, Jeff, Gus Sharkey & Company
Baby I Love You - Annie and Girls
Leader of the Pack - Annie and Company

The Look of Love - Lounge Singer
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Darlene & Company
I Can Hear Music - Annie & Guys
Rock of Rages + - Young Ellie
Keep It Confidential - Gina
Da Doo Ron Ron - Adult Ellie & Guys
What a Guy - Adult Ellie & Company
Maybe I Know - Adult Ellie
River Deep, Mountain High - Darlene & Company
We're Gonna Make It After All + - Adult Ellie, Young Ellie, Darlene, Annie & Company