Leadbelly Tribute Band

Sample this concert
  1. 1Introduction00:51
  2. 2Red Bird01:26
  3. 3Ha Ha This a Way01:33
  4. 4Monologue01:38
  5. 5Grey Goose02:14
  6. 6Fannin' Street Blues02:25
  7. 7We Shall Walk Through The Valley03:06
  8. 8Old Ship Of Zion04:03
  9. 9In The Pines03:38
  10. 10See See Rider04:10
  11. 11John Henry06:33
  12. 12Rock Island Line02:35
  13. 13monologue / prisons00:41
  14. 14Old Riley (Old Rattler)04:26
  15. 15Midnight Special03:46
  16. 16Brownie McGhee monologue00:50
  17. 17The Bourgeois Blues02:44
  18. 18Pick A Bale Of Cotton02:26
  19. 19Goodnight Irene04:08
Liner Notes

Pete Seeger; Sonny Terry; Brownie McGhee; Odetta; Josh White; Alan Lomax; Ethel Raim; Ralph Rinzler

Various artists perform Leadbelly songs.