Larry Coryell

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  1. 1Introduction00:33
  2. 2Spain08:41
  3. 3The Restful Mind03:56
  4. 4Stiff Neck14:12
  5. 5Gemstone File05:24
  6. 6Rodrigo Reflections08:22
  7. 7My Funny Valentine05:11
  8. 8The Funky Waltz05:09
  9. 9Coming And Going06:52
Liner Notes

Larry Coryell - guitars, piano

Taken from a doubleheader of two performances by jazz guitarist Larry Coryell, this early set opens with an acoustic version of "Spain," the legendary jazz track written and first recorded by pianist Chick Corea, his musical contemporary and good friend. Coryell's passionate performance sets the tone for this show, recorded on December 28, 1977.

Coryell is a brilliant jazz virtuoso, who has always been more concerned with "feel" rather than with "speed," though he has no problem with either when it comes to his playing. He offers up a memorable set of both originals and jazz classics, such as "My Funny Valentine" (best known as the theme song for the late Chet Baker), and "Rodrigo Reflections," among others.

Recorded at New York's legendary Bottom Line club, this performance features songs such as " The Restful Mind," "Stiff Neck," and "Gemstone File" - none of which are at the forefront of contemporary jazz classics - but they work well in this set list. "The Funky Waltz" is an opportunity for Coryell to open up with his fans a little, and this arrangement gets the crowd going.

Coryell emerged from the late 1960s progressive jazz scene (spearheaded by icon Miles Davis' Bitches Brew) and rose to prominence with jazz icons, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Jean Luc Ponty, and others. Although he is best known for his work with his own group and in combination with other leading jazz artists, this show is a completely solo performance with Coryell performing on acoustic and electric guitars, and piano. Coryell continues to perform as a solo instrumentalist and with his band.