Sample this concert
  1. 1Intro00:24
  2. 2Come On03:47
  3. 3I'm On The Run04:19
  4. 4Rock City / Save Me / Bedside Radio06:27
  5. 5American Woman02:39
  6. 6Burning Bones07:46
  7. 7Winning Man05:36
  8. 8To The Top04:11
  9. 9Heatstrokes04:04
  10. 10Crowd / Announcer01:24
  11. 11Long Stick Goes Boom06:40
Liner Notes

Chris Von Rohr - bass; Freddy Steady - drums; Mark Kohler - rhythm guitar; Marc Storace - vocals; Fernando Von Arb - lead guitar

This is yet another show from those gods of spandex and hairspray, Krokus, recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour. In later years, the band would see its biggest success with a cover of Alice Cooper's "School's Out" but for this show the fans got a less-than-spectacular re-make of the Guess Who's "American Woman." Still, there is a lot of energy in this show and one heavy duty guitar solo from Fernando Von Arb on "Burning Bones."

Krokus was a Swiss metal band that saw their biggest popularity during the initial years of MTV in the mid-1980s. Led by its Maltese-born vocalist Marc Storace and Swiss guitarist Fernando Von Arb, the band began as a progressive rock band inspired by the likes of Yes and ELP. When the group was not able to attain any immediate fame playing that style of music, they gradually moved into a metal format.

The band's fan-friendly hair-metal looks and the power of MTV definitely contributed to the platinum success they saw with Headhunter, their 1983 breakthrough album. Signed in America to Arista Records, Krokus had a powerful promotional team behind them. The band was usually reviewed poorly by rock critics, but their fans didn't care because in their minds these guys knew how to rock.

Krokus quickly faded after the success of Headhunter in 1984. The band's follow-up album, The Blitz, only went gold, and then Krokus began a series of personnel changes before splitting up. This show, however, was caught during the peak period of the band's popularity and features mostly material from One Vice At A Time, the disc just prior to its breakthrough. What is heard here are mostly Krokus originals, and they rock, particularly "Heat Stokes," "I'm On The Run," and "Long Stick Goes Boom."