Kite Party

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:27
  2. 2Arizona04:00
  3. 3Jaws Of Life01:54
  4. 4Untitled04:39
  5. 5Spirit Gum02:26
  6. 6Follow Me02:37
Kite Party Oct 17, 2012
Liner Notes

For the most part, we'll just wind up as the imprints on the window, the outlines on the ground and the forgotten vapors of time gone by. There will be those gravesites where people who once knew us as living things can come an lay some flowers down, visiting that occasionally mown patch of earth that we were lowered into and covered up. Our names will be there, to trace over with paper and crayons, on field trips with no consequence or recognition. We won't be there any longer. We won't be anywhere near this place, if all goes well. We won't be that bag of rotting bones and skin in the casket below, but off on a different trail, thousands of miles away, or wherever that after-party in the sky is. It's easy to get caught up in the same old bull that takes over and filibusters our weeks and our years. It gets to seeming unavoidable and its determined nature bogs us down, but when we're able to pull our heads out of the fog for just a little while, it becomes awfully apparent that there's too much time being wasted and that's when the kicking and screaming starts to get more powerful - when we realize how much we're doing will all be for naught.

It's what seems to be speaking loudest in the songs by Kite Party. It's this thought that everything is zooming toward obscurity and there's no time for a leisurely stroll through the motions. The imagery of a setting sun comes up here, with everyone waiting for it - perhaps believing that it will all be better then, when they can just go down beyond the horizon, sinking with that grapefruit orange flameout of color, melting into the ocean to find some treasured haunt.

Lead singer Russell Edling sings," I live and die, with a fire burning in my eye," and about things ripping at the seams, screaming for what's opened up when that happens. It's a scene that feels tumultuous and affirming at the same time - construction through destruction and frustration. People in these five songs are looking for that release that's going to take them somewhere different, maybe where they don't feel so blurry, but where they feel like they're going to have a chance at being something a little more lasting than a rock in a field.