• Date Apr 12, 1979
  • Total Length 17:44
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Liner Notes

In 1977, Kiss was one of the most popular bands in the world, thanks in large part to their electrifying performances. In 1978, they tried to build on this popularity through the simultaneous release of 4 solo albums and the release of a made-for-TV movie. These moves did not turn out as well as expected.

In 1979, the band was ready to get back on the road in support of their new album, Dynasty. Kiss wanted to get back to doing what they did best: creating an impressive concert experience. History tells us that this tour did not meet the band's expectations as attendance dropped and Peter Criss left the band after the tour's completion.

The interview recorded here for the Direct News radio show features Gene Simmons (the deeper voice) and Ace Frehley. It captures the band in the commercially oriented state of mind they were in at this point, focusing on the theatrics fans could expect at their upcoming tour. There are also hints of the band's growing frustration as they discuss rumors of breaking up and recent criticisms from the press.

00:00 - Hi to mom / the stage set-up for the new tour
01:24 - Playing to an audience in 360 degrees
02:23 - A special guest at one of the shows
02:51 - An estimate of the tour's cost / sparing no expense
03:25 - Breaking even / making money on tour
03:47 - Not being The Ramones / an audiovisual spectacle
04:38 - Not getting bored / playing for new audiences
05:17 - The most amazing rock n' roll show
06:05 - Saving some tricks for the next tours
06:44 - The Kiss movie: on hold
07:54 - Making solo albums / keeping the band together
09:35 - Rumors of the band breaking up
10:07 - Gene's favorite works of "speculative fiction"
12:12 - Invasion of the Body Snatchers
12:37 - Getting airplay on FM radio / not pleasing everybody
13:35 - Relationship with the press
14:19 - How one becomes a rock n' roll critic
15:24 - No such thing as bad press
16:06 - Kiss as superheroes (but not characters)
17:17 - Change the outfits but not the make up