Kenny Loggins

  • Date Sep 24, 1988
  • Total Length 06:36
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Liner Notes

Kenny Loggins started his professional music career at the age of 18, earning $100 per week by writing songs for a publishing firm. This job eventually led to a meeting with Jim Messina and, subsequently, a diverse and illustrious career including pop and adult contemporary hits, Grammy awards, movie soundtracks, and children's albums.

However, 1988 was not necessarily a high point along this trajectory. This World of Rock interview with Scott Muni was recorded in support of his new album, Back to Avalon, which is widely considered his worst effort. His soundtrack contributions from around that time ("Meet Me Halfway" for Over the Top and "Nobody's Fool" for Caddyshack II) also didn't see the same success as his work for Caddyshack, Footloose, or Top Gun. And his current project at the time was a now-almost-completely-forgotten Disney musical.

While the material talked about may not be some of the best of his career, Kenny comes across as a kind and thoughtful man in this interview. It's worth a listen for any Loggins fan as a period piece, or to at least hear him talk about meeting Jim Messina.

00:00 - Intro
00:25 - Back to Avalon: Mickey Thomas, Grace Slick, (the other) Peter Wolf
01:03 - Intro to "Nobody's Fool (Theme from Caddyshack II)"
02:21 - Making music for movies
02:48 - Origins of Loggins and Messina
03:59 - Current tour
04:21 - Working on a Disney musical
04:55 - Working old favorites into current set-lists
05:55 - Outro / a groan-inducing pun