Keith Richards

  • Date Apr 13, 1983
  • Total Length 1:17:13
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Liner Notes

Besides co-founding and sharing songwriting duties for one of the most influential bands ever, Keith Richards is also the poster child for rock and roll decadence, making him one of the most interesting personalities in music. By 1982, just before the Rolling Stones would embark on their 20th anniversary tour, Keith had matured and mellowed enough to make this conversation with Lisa Robinson coherent, but has never matured so much as to make the stories boring.

And this interview has it all. Highlights include discussions about his role as a torch-bearer for American blues; his upcoming marriage to Patti Hansen; the end to his estrangement with his father; his prescient views on the interaction between technology and the music industry; and, of course, the Rolling Stones, from their origins with Brian Jones and Ian Stewart through their upcoming tour. Join Keith in having a cocktail, kick back, learn, and enjoy.

Part 1
00:00 - The futility of making plans with The Stones
01:21 - The challenges that face the band: same today as they were yesterday
02:14 - Carrying on the tradition of blues guitarists / imitators of the Stones
04:07 - The hardest part of the job / the talent of handling stress
05:28 - The support network within the band
06:16 - Re-uniting with his father after 20 years / a grandfather for Marlon
08:44 - Not thinking about how cool he is / emphasizing certain parts of the swagger
10:04 - Bemoaning the music industry's inability to keep up with advances in technology
11:43 - The merchandising opportunities for the 20-year reunion
12:30 - Other thoughts on the 20-year anniversary
13:22 - Reaction to the press' reaction to his upcoming marriage to Patti Hansen
14:26 - "Avoiding" marriage for a long time

Part 2
00:00 - Making the Let's Spend the Night Together movie
01:41 - Cocksucker Blues: the truth, the legend
02:32 - Pleasantly surprised by Let's Spend the Night Together
03:21 - Unfortunately mixing with the Hollywood crowd
04:32 - Hollywood making the Stones palatable
05:10 - The Stones' involvement with the film (sound, mixing)
06:08 - Trying not to put out pieces of crap
06:54 - The derivativeness of popular music
09:27 - Thoughts on the place of his body of work in the context of musical history
11:22 - Keith Richards coming of age / reflections on being a drug addict
14:04 - Increased decision making within the Stones and the problems it's causing
17:04 - The group decision making process in the 1960's
18:50 - People that still test his will power to not do drugs
20:24 - Traveling with three generations of Richards
21:20 - Why Mick receives more attention about his age / who exerts the most energy on stage
23:53 - The dilemma of young people not being exposed to certain music
26:01 - Technology's role in changing new music
27:00 - Current music not turning Keith on; always 90% trash

Part 3
00:00 - Racism to be found in what radio stations play
01:24 - Suffering as the impetus for the greatest music (except for the Stones)
02:53 - The social and racial underpinnings to the Stones' music / regurgitating American music to Americans

Part 4
00:00 - Possibility of working with the Neville Brothers on the Stones' record label
02:56 - Thoughts on touring with corporate sponsorships
05:55 - Where the Stones would draw the line about corporate sponsorships
07:21 - You can trust the Stones to not sell out
09:37 - Playing with Brian Jones and Ian Stewart / why Ian left the band
11:12 - Brian's initial role in the band
13:05 - Ian Stewart's sense of humor and sainthood
13:48 - Another 20 year reunion? / bootlegged merchandise
14:48 - Rumors about making more money on t-shirts than the tour
16:49 - How many albums the Stones made / hearing the bootleg tapes
18:24 - Keith and Patti as a media couple / thoughts on marriage
20:19 - Lisa's assurances about marriage
21:52 - Thoughts on pre-nuptial agreements
22:21 - What the new album (Undercover) will sound like
24:05 - Thoughts on the Emotional Rescue album
26:39 - Thoughts on the Exile on Main Street album