Sample this concert
  1. 1Introduction00:27
  2. 2La Do Da02:52
  3. 3Next05:19
  4. 4Feelin' That Way Too03:25
  5. 5Anytime03:58
  6. 6intro to Saturday Night00:25
  7. 7Saturday Night06:08
  8. 8intro to The Winds of March00:45
  9. 9The Winds of March05:07
  10. 10She Makes Me Feel Alright04:24
  11. 11Wheel In The Sky > Drum Solo > Wheel In The Sky08:34
  12. 12Lights01:28
Liner Notes

Steve Perry: Vocals; Neil Schon: Guitar; Ross Valory: Bass; Greg Rolie: Keyboards & Vocals; Aynsley Dunbar: Drums

The soundboard mix starts off badly, with just keyboards and drums on "La Do Da".
"Next", is better, but it is not until "Feelin' That Way" that the mix is finally correct.