John Hartford

Sample this concert
  1. 1Introduction00:27
  2. 2Natural To Be Gone01:58
  3. 3The Poor Old Prurient Interest Blues02:06
  4. 4Song Intro00:40
  5. 5Good Old Electric Washing Machine02:01
  6. 6tuning / band introductions00:38
  7. 7I Didn't Know The Word Would Last This Long04:02
  8. 8Tuning / Song Intro00:53
  9. 9The Category Stomp01:59
  10. 10Song Intro00:43
  11. 11Orphan Of World War II02:59
  12. 12Gentle On My Mind03:18
  13. 13I've Heard That Tearstained Monologue You Do There By The Door03:25