John Hartford

Sample this concert
  1. 1Introduction01:10
  2. 2That Picture Of Jane Russell In Your Wallet03:35
  3. 3Steamboat Whistle Blues03:51
  4. 4Up on the Hill Where They Do the Boogie03:42
  5. 5Guitar Instrumental [False Start]00:46
  6. 6Guitar Instrumental02:52
  7. 7Fiddle Instrumental05:15
  8. 8Before They Tow My Car Away02:58
  9. 9Mouth To Mouth Resusitation05:33
  10. 10Ain't A-Gettin' Over07:40
  11. 11A Simple Thing As Love04:20
  12. 12Natural To Be Gone02:54
  13. 13Fiddle Instrumental01:27