Joe Satriani

  • Date Sep 17, 1988
  • Total Length 06:34
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Liner Notes

Satch's renown was finally starting to catch up with his virtuosity at the time of this interview. Even though he had already established himself as a teaching guru in California, most Americans hadn't heard of him until Surfing with the Alien, which had just gone gold at the time. He was also about to embark on a trip as the lead guitarist for Mick Jagger's first solo tour, further solidifying his status as a guitar hero.

Satriani is calling in from the Skywalker Ranch in California to talk to Scott Muni here, on the first day of rehearsals for the Jagger tour. They keep it short, talking about his current success, short-term plans, and how he first started playing guitar in the first place.

00:00 - Where are you?
00:28 - Getting ready for Mick Jagger's first solo tour
00:37 - Surfing With The Alien going gold / a personal growth project
01:18 - Playing with Mick Jagger
01:43 - Chances of Mick Jagger playing the U.S.
02:34 - Working on a new EP and LP
03:19 - The 1989 tour / going global
04:37 - Getting into music: drumming, "Purple Haze," Jimi's death
05:32 - Outro