JMSN Jul 30, 2013


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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:05
  2. 2Jameson / Alone / Do You Remember The Time? / Somewhere18:51
JMSN Jul 30, 2013
Liner Notes

There are parts to life where you don't have to think about much. You can just pass through it -- the ropes opening up as you approach them to let you through easily and without hassle. You breath in and the air tastes sweetened somewhat. You might not be rich, but you feel like you could fool yourself. These periods of time are usually brief, but they're impressionable and they spoil us. They are those days when, the second your beer is empty, someone's bending over backwards to hand you a freshly poured chilly one. You were never left dry then, always in the suds. They are the times when love or random companionship comes to you easily and if it doesn't, you couldn't care much less about it. After all, you've still got that new-fresh-beer-pressed-to-the-palm thing going for you so there's no reason to sweat too much. Those times do end though, whether they seem like they will or not, at the time. They are incredibly short-lived.

These days, after the shine's worn off, when you're having to pay your own tabs and when everything's just a little bit more disheveled and dinged up, are the ones that Christian Berishaj - who performs under the name JMSN - chronicles. The Detroit, Michigan, native writes songs that bridge that sense of invincibility, of confidence and youthfulness, but along with fewer sunny sides being up.

There are messes made and there are all kinds of disappointments happening around the men in these songs. They're getting to the places in their lives where sadness is tangible and where there are a lot of nights where he's just drinking by himself, "thinking about what we could have had." He calls into questions some of the decisions he's made, ones that seemed so easy to make when he made them. The way that things were could be sustained and they led him to this place that's getting to feel a little bit miserable.