Jerry Garcia

  • Date Aug 6, 1975
  • Total Length 1:25:26
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Liner Notes

Recorded while the Grateful Dead were on a break from touring, the content that acts as a focus for this interview were the movies Jerry Garcia was involved with at the time - The Grateful Dead Movie and Hells Angels Forever. However, this works out nicely as Jerry and Mary Travers (of Peter Paul & Mary fame) are free to follow up on tangential conversations. For those who are not familiar with Mary's interview style, you should be warned that it is often difficult to determine who is interviewing whom. Regardless, this is the least grating of her interviews on the site as it allows for a glimpse of Jerry's patience, kindness and good nature.

Part 1
00:00 - Editing a Grateful Dead movie / involvement in a Hells Angels movie
01:44 - What the Hells Angels movie is about
02:42 - The roots of the relationship between the Dead and the Angels
05:08 - Being part of a group of outsiders
07:20 - Communal values of folk music / East coast vs. West coast
10:29 - The musical backgrounds of the members of the Dead
11:15 - Gigging at topless bars to hone the Dead's chops
12:20 - Making the switch from bars to acid tests / Kesey's parties
14:30 - Making the switch from acid tests to Bill Graham concerts
15:27 - Playing while high to an audience that was high
16:55 - The interaction between drugs and developing chops
20:06 - The changing face of the American music scenes
22:06 - "Purported": an invisible word
22:57 - California laws designed to deter communal living

Part 2
00:00 - Socialism as an answer to financial depression
01:50 - Americans getting far out / music as a reflection of culture
03:25 - Reasons for the American re-examination of individuality
06:55 - Film as the antithesis of live music?
10:07 - Records vs. live performances
11:55 - Tape vs. vinyl
12:50 - Different art for different senses
14:36 - New directions for the Dead's music / Blues for Allah as a new form
18:14 - Maintaining contact with other musicians / getting out into the world
19:50 - Methods for hearing new music
21:50 - Music as the international language
22:40 - Beginning work on a solo album / differences between a Dead album
23:46 - Attempting to bypass record companies
25:50 - The original impetus for falling in love with music: records, clarinetist father
27:51 - The ESP quality found in bands
30:20 - How to achieve those magical moments while playing in the band

Part 3
00:00 - Parsing out 3rd person and 1st person perspectives when in the band
01:00 - Thoughts on Rodia and Gaudi: permanence vs. impermanence
03:55 - Thoughts on responsibility for the Dead's stance on drugs and its effect on their fans
08:30 - Avoiding preaching, sermonizing, and stage banter
09:40 - Thoughts on Altamont / the dualism of America
12:40 - Thoughts on Alice Cooper
15:35 - When performers and a crowd interpret lyrics differently
17:55 - Being in the business of fantasy
20:40 - Why the Dead were taking a break from touring
22:55 - Reminiscing about playing at Watkins Glen / keeping things manageable
24:51 - Why the Dead were making a film