James Taylor

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  1. 1Hello Old Friend02:58
  2. 2Riding On A Railroad03:27
  3. 3Blossom03:47
  4. 4Gorilla03:57
  5. 5Circle Round The Sun02:56
  6. 6Lighthouse03:54
  7. 7Rainy Day Man03:09
  8. 8Migration02:53
  9. 9Fire And Rain03:48
  10. 10Steamroller Blues05:01
  11. 11Sweet Baby James02:46
Liner Notes

James Taylor - vocals, acoustic guitar

Recorded shortly after the release of James Taylor's sixth album, Gorilla, these two concerts were re-election benefits for Massachusetts Congressman Gerry Studds. An afternoon and evening show was presented, with the Congressman addressing the audience between Taylor's sets. Taylor had recently completed his summer tour and had returned home to Martha's Vineyard just a few weeks prior. His most recent albums, 1974's Walking Man and 1975's Gorilla both showcased his more electric side, with the latter spawning two hits; "Mexico" and his cover of Marvin Gaye's classic, "How Sweet It Is." On tour, he had been accompanied by his outstanding band, performing in large venues across North America. With that in mind, these performances are all the more special as both are full length concerts performed entirely solo acoustic, something he had not done for some time. Performing before a relatively local audience, these performances find Taylor in a relaxed mood, essentially playing before friends and neighbors. This brings out a thoroughly engaging performance that touches on every phase of his career and features many of his most beloved songs, both old and new. All six of his albums are represented over the course of these two shows and while the older classics sound as good as ever, it is often the newer material, stripped down to just acoustic guitar and vocals, that are the most intriguing

Following a speech by Congressman Gerry Studds, James Taylor returns to the stage for the second set of his afternoon performance. Appropriately enough, he begins with "Hello Old Friend," a song about living on Martha's Vineyard, featured on his Walking Man album release from the previous year. He follows up with his ode to Americana, "Riding on a Railroad" from his popular "Mudslide Slim and the Blue Horizon" album and then "Blossom," another Sweet Baby James classic. The remainder of the set includes stripped down readings of "Migration" from the Walking Man album as well as "Lighthouse" and the title track from Gorilla, all three particularly engaging in solo acoustic form. Taylor also ventures back to his first album for the traditional, "Circle Round The Sun." The set concludes with a double whammy of Sweet Baby James tunes, beginning with the ever popular and funny, "Steamroller Blues," and finishing up the night with the career defining title track.

The stark honesty of his music and the relaxed laid back vibe of these performances show exactly why Taylor is a pillar of the singer/songwriter genre. These performances still sound as fresh and consistently engaging as they did way back when. This timeless quality has served Taylor well as he remains one of the most popular and best selling recording artists of all time.