Jack Bruce

  • Date Oct 8, 1988
  • Total Length 20:32
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Liner Notes

Jack Bruce hadn't released an album since 1983's Automatic when he phoned up Scott Muni for this interview. It appears that someone from the radio show wrote Bruce a letter to track him down after a fan requested some news as to his whereabouts.

This letter coincided with the upcoming release of a 20-year retrospective of Bruce's career, Willpower, and provided a great opportunity for him to call in. In keeping with the nostalgic nature of the recording, this interview is more about Jack's past. He provides updates on Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and even Cat Stevens. He also provides some great introductions to some classic tunes like "Politician" and "Theme for an Imaginary Western."

00:00 - Intro
00:40 - New project / upcoming tour
01:20 - The Edinburgh Festival
01:51 - From Glasgow
02:17 - Old songs vs. classic songs
03:05 - Returning to roots: "Politician," The Bottom Line, The Moody Blues
03:59 - The new compilation album: Willpower, a long time in the making
04:35 - Eric Clapton on new album / his new outlook on life
05:02 - Been in hiding
05:31 - Last chat was in December 1980
06:13 - Everyone plays in the same band
06:54 - The philosophy behind the World of Rock / America's greatest gift
08:40 - Ginger Baker update / Cream reunion?
10:04 - Cat Stevens update
10:35 - Ginger Baker working with Bill Laswell
11:08 - Away from the mainstream / home in New York
12:35 - The upcoming tour
13:17 - Band for the tour
14:09 - What happened to the Scottish accent?
14:44 - Intro to "Theme for an Imaginary Western"
16:34 - Intro to "Politician"
18:01 - Cream's firsts: platinum album, playing MSG, one song per album side
19:49 -- Outro