Ian Hunter With Mick Ronson

  • Date Aug 20, 1988
  • Total Length 14:21
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Liner Notes

Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson met in 1966 before either of them had achieved great success, the former as Mott the Hoople's lead singer and the latter as David Bowie's guitarist. They hooked up again in Mott when Ronson helped Bowie produce All The Young Dudes, and then one more time when Ronson was the group's guitarist. They left the band together in late 1974 and continued to collaborate on Hunter's solo albums and tours until Ronson's untimely death in 1993.

This interview with Scott Muni was recorded to promote YUI Orta, the first record to be fully credited to both Hunter and Ronson. The album was intended as a comeback for both gentlemen and, possibly as a result, the focus of this conversation is their current tour and collaborative process, with little mention of their storied pasts.

00:00 - New album title
00:34 - Current tour
01:22 - European leg of the tour
02:06 - Intro to "Women's Intuition"
03:07 - Ian and Mick's collaborative songwriting process / intro to "Tell It Like It Is"
04:32 - Relationship between performers and fans
05:00 - Mott the Hoople: a thing of the past
05:36 - Collaborating outside of the duo / other outside projects
07:05 - Newer artists playing Hunter/Ronson and other cover songs
09:07 - Working with David Bowie
09:40 - Current tour dates (again)
10:20 - Staying in contact when they're not working together
11:08 - Staying busy
11:55 - Unsure plans for the near future / staying with the album for a while
12:35 - Potential for working at Joe Elliott's (of Def Leppard) studio
13:18 - Happy to be on the road
13:40 - Thank you's / outro