Ian Hunter With Mick Ronson

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  1. 1F.B.I.04:51
  2. 2Once Bitten Twice Shy04:56
  3. 3Life After Death04:54
  4. 4Laugh At Me05:04
  5. 5Bastard06:32
  6. 6Just Another Night06:05
  7. 7Standing In My Light05:23
  8. 8Cleveland Rocks08:22
  9. 9When The Daylight Comes05:58
  10. 10Angeline04:38
Liner Notes

Ian Hunter - guitar, vocals; Tommy Mandel - keyboards, vocals; George Meyer - keyboards, vocals; Martin Briley - bass, vocals; Tommy Morrongiello - guitar, vocals; Eric Parker - drums, vocals; Mick Ronson - guitar, vocals; Ellen Foley - vocals; Susie Ronson - vocals

After fronting acclaimed British rock 'n' roll band, Mott the Hoople for six years between 1969 and 1975, Ian Hunter launched a solo career that did not see the same commercial success as the band but certainly was every bit as good musically. While in Mott, Hunter established himself as one of the best rock 'n' roll songwriters in the U.K. His love of American rock and his obvious influence from the voice of Bob Dylan allowed Hunter to carve a unique niche for himself both in the states and abroad.

This show was recorded during his 1979 tour promoting his fourth solo album, You're Never Alone With a Schizophrenic. It also reunited him with ex-David Bowie guitarist, Mick Ronson, who had been his semi-regular musical partner from the time Ronson helped Bowie produce Mott the Hoople's 1972 breakthrough album, All The Young Dudes.

Charting at #35, You're Never Alone With a Schizophrenic was Hunter's most successful solo album, with the exception of his first (which had the sales momentum of his Mott years behind it). But Schizophrenic and this tour would introduce America to two of Hunter's best loved songs: "Just Another Night" (co-written with Mick Ronson) and the bombastic "Cleveland Rocks." Written as a tribute to the city which introduced rock 'n' roll to the radio by way of Alan Freed's Moondog Show (which also been a hub of support for Hunter throughout his entire career), it would later be immortalized as the theme song to the Drew Carey Show on ABC television. It has also since become the unofficial anthem of the city itself.