Ian Anderson

  • Date Nov 25, 1989
  • Total Length 44:41
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Liner Notes

In late 1989, Jethro Tull were wrapping up their American tour in support of the Rock Island album. On the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving, Ian Anderson sat with Scott Muni in New York to record a World of Rock radio show. In this 45-minute interview, Ian makes good on his recently received honorary Ph.D. with lectures on oilseed rape, Christmas guilt, homelessness, the man agronomist Jethro Tull, and the American personality. But when they remember to talk about Jethro Tull and rock n' roll, there are some great stories and insights. Highlights include introductions to some classic and current Jethro Tull hits as Ian plays DJ, how the band accidentally got stuck with their name, and what Ian thinks about Richard Marx….

00:00 - Introduction by Scott Muni
00:46 - The naming of Rock Island / urban loneliness
03:11 - Fascination with trains / EU vs. US
04:40 - Fields of oilseed rape
06:11 - The current tour wrapping up
06:41 - Christmas ambivalence and guilt
08:09 - Four Jethro Tull "alternative" Christmas songs
10:30 - Martin Barre's sit-ups and marathons
12:01 - Dave Pegg, Doane Perryand, Martin Allcock / Fairport Convention
13:36 - Returning to Jethro Tull's blues roots on Rock Island
15:46 - Origins of (getting stuck with) the name "Jethro Tull" / the man Jethro Tull
18:57 - Playing fan favorites / timeless quality to Jethro Tull hits
20:15 - Guilt (and royalties) for the homeless ("Aqualung," "Strange Avenues")
23:00 - Preparing for duty as DJ (Scott Muni's earphones / sleeping naked)
25:02 - Ian Anderson's dark secret
25:37 - The worst place to hear a rock concert / Pete Townshend's hearing loss
26:21 - Shea Stadium concert (7/23/76)
28:25 - "The Rattlesnake Trail" / The American personality
30:06 - Americans are all Lee Marvin
30:41 - Moving from the city to the country / Songs from the Wood
32:24 - "Songs From The Wood" / 1987 WWMR broadcast
33:42 - The agelessness of rock n' roll
35:52 - Opening for Led Zeppelin / A call to find tomorrow's legends
36:43 - A rhetorical question regarding Richard Marx
37:17 - A lack of great new bands / the audience's responsibility for challenging bands
39:53 - "Kissing Willie" / cover bands better than Jethro Tull
40:48 - The Jethro Tull box set commemorating 20 years / "Part of the Machine"
43:22 - Outro / How many songs, how many albums