Huey Lewis & the News

Sample this concert
  1. 1Shake, Rattle and Roll03:31
  2. 2Blue Monday02:31
  3. 3(She's) Some Kind Of Wonderful04:23
  4. 4Doing It All For My Baby03:59
  5. 5She Shot A Hole In My Soul03:33
  6. 6Perfect Word04:34
  7. 7It's Alright02:55
  8. 8Surely (I Love You)03:17
  9. 9The Power Of Love04:50
  10. 10He Don't Know05:28
  11. 11Function At The Junction03:45
  12. 12But It's Alright03:04
  13. 13Better To Have And Not Need04:55
  14. 14The Heart Of Rock & Roll05:16
  15. 15Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do04:21
  16. 16I Want A New Drug05:17
  17. 17Good Morning Little School Girl05:23
  18. 18Outro00:27