Huey Lewis & the News

Sample this concert
  1. 1Intro00:54
  2. 2The Heart Of Rock And Roll05:03
  3. 3Change Of Heart03:33
  4. 4Trouble In Paradise03:54
  5. 5I Want You03:22
  6. 6If This Is It04:16
  7. 7Heart and Soul04:06
  8. 8Walking On A Thin Line05:35
  9. 9It's All Right03:37
  10. 10Do You Believe In Love04:32
  11. 11Finally Found A Home (Incomplete)02:40
  12. 12Finally Found A Home (Incomplete)00:48
  13. 13Some Of My Lies Are True07:10
  14. 14Workin' For A Livin'07:14
  15. 15Buzz Buzz Buzz05:28
  16. 16Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do04:00
  17. 17I Want A New Drug06:22
  18. 18You're Still A Young Man06:58
  19. 19Bad Is Bad12:29