Heloise & the Savoir Faire Apr 8, 2013

Heloise & the Savoir Faire

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Heloise & the Savoir Faire Apr 8, 2013
Liner Notes

On Sunday mornings around here, old Casey Kasem Top 40 broadcasts are played on one of the local stations, just as they were broadcast in real-time years ago. The sappy letters prefacing the requests and dedications can sound as if they're really happening. The ways that Kasem describes the artists - and the way he had to, for their stories, photographs and every detail about their lives weren't available at the touch of a finger - was bite-sized storytelling, in the most anecdotal way. These were tidbits, little slices of humanity to make these people seem more like people than millionaires, or whatever they were.

Today's episode featured a story about Captain & Tennille, and their wedding day, somewhere just north of Reno, in an old mining town. They had decided, at the last moment, to get married and so they traveled to Virginia City, Nevada, one night, in search of a wedding chapel. The only place they found was one that doubled as a saloon. The only person capable of marrying them was the bartender and the only available witnesses were two plastered dudes in the bar. It's about the only thing I learned today, but it felt enough.

After the story, Kasem spun Captain & Tennille's "new hit single," which was up to No. 23. It was the song, "Can't Stop Dancing," and while listening to Heloise and the Savoir Faire's session this
afternoon, the lyrics seemed appropriately apt, in a way. Heloise Williams is more liable to slip into those breathless, strobe-lit nights where there's a little more panic than there should be, but
they are meant to be understood as unending escapades, with slippery exits. She means for there to be this black hole that one can go into and feel most of the lights die, but everything else come alive. Captain & Tennille sing as a way to understand the lights and shadows:

"Can't stop dancing
Just because the music's gone
You can't stop dancing, no
Just because the band has
Packed up and gone home
You know you can't stop dancing
Just because the music's gone
Cause if you keep on dancing
If you keep on dancing
If you keep on dancing
You're gonna turn
The music back on."