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  1. 1Kick It Out02:55
  2. 2Sing Child05:44
  3. 3Silver Wheels01:43
  4. 4Dreamboat Annie02:32
  5. 5Little Queen05:33
  6. 6Magic Man05:44
  7. 7Barracuda04:30
  8. 8Crazy On You05:23
  9. 9White Lightning and Wine06:00
  10. 10Rock & Roll04:50
  11. 11Without You05:22
Liner Notes

Ann Wilson - vocals, guitar; Nancy Wilson - guitar, vocals; Howard Leese - guitar, vocals; Mike DeRossier - drums; Roger Fisher - guitar, vocals; Steve Fossen - bass

Led by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, the band Heart actually enjoyed two moments in the music industry spotlight due to a steady stream of hit singles. The first was between 1976 and 1982, when they released their legendary Dreamboat Annie album - a disk they followed with a number of multi-platinum albums for Epic's Portrait Records. Their popularity peaked again between 1985 and the early 1990s, when the Wilson sisters had replaced most of the band and moved to Capitol Records. The label decided to roll the dice and see what was left of the once popular hard-rock pop act and, to the surprise of most the music industry, the group had its biggest commercial success with a series of MTV and FM radio hits (mostly power ballads) like "These Dreams," "What About Love," "Never" and others.

This show, recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour Radio Concert Series, was performed in Los Angeles in 1977, after the band had moved from the indie Mushroom records (where they had launched their first successful album, Dreamboat Annie) to Portrait, the record label that helped them bring their music to the masses with the multi-platinum Little Queen.

Anne was dating the band's manager, Mike Fisher, and Nancy was dating his brother, band guitarist Roger Fisher. Both relationships were falling apart during the tour from which this show was recorded - although after one listen, no one would have known there was anything wrong. The band's sound is cohesive and the musicality is tight. By the time this show took place, they had already released a number of huge hits that the audience audibly loved hearing.

Opening with the up tempo "Kick It Out," the band goes through a few of their newer songs before rolling out the hits; but when they do, they come one after another: "Dreamboat Annie," "Little Queen," "Magic Man," "Barracuda" and "Crazy On You." After another album track from this period, "White Lightning and Wine," they return to the stage for two impressive covers: Led Zeppelin's classic "Rock & Roll" and a poignant read of the Badfinger/Harry Nilson hit ballad "Without You."