Greg Kihn

  • Date Sep 29, 1983
  • Total Length 07:34
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Liner Notes

In this rapid fire interview recorded in San Francisco before the Greg Kihn Band performed a concert recorded for the House Party radio show, you can hear the intensity and speed with which the band played. Funny, direct, and topical, Kihn comes across as a guy enjoying what he's doing.

00:00 - Performing new tunes
00:47 - The new song / plans for a new album
01:13 - Writing "Jeopardy"
02:06 - Making the video for "Jeopardy"
02:34 - The perks of playing dance clubs
03:31 - The direction dance music is heading
04:27 - Thoughts on electronic instruments
05:12 - Using "Kihn" in the album titles
06:29 - Projections for the World Series*
07:18 - A favorite dance track

*The Orioles beat the Philadelphia Phillies, 4 games to 1.