Greg Kihn Band

Sample this concert
  1. 1Another Girl, Another Planet04:40
  2. 2For You03:57
  3. 3Lucky04:26
  4. 4Little Red Book03:41
  5. 5Privilege05:41
  6. 6Wild In Love With You04:06
  7. 7Roadrunner / Highway 61 Revisited06:16
  8. 8Love and Rock & Roll03:56
  9. 9Band Introduction00:32
  10. 10Okay To Cry04:47
  11. 11Rendezvous03:37
  12. 12Imelda Marcos Talking Blues04:03
  13. 13Pastures Of Green05:59
  14. 14Jeopardy07:03
  15. 15Twist And Shout03:57
  16. 16Reunited04:11
  17. 17The Break-Up Song05:00
  18. 18Gimmie Some Lovin'06:23
Liner Notes

Greg Kihn - vocals, guitar; Pat Rosca - keyboards; Tya Ing - drums; Joe Satriani - guitar; Steve Wright - bass

One thing could always be said about the Greg Kihn Band during their popular years in the 1980s: as a live act, they sure knew how to deliver. For this night recorded for broadcast on the King Biscuit Flower Hour Radio Concert Series, Kihn and his band open with the lively "Another Girl, Another Planet." That pop gem leads into his version of Bruce Springsteen's "For You," a track from the Boss's first album and from Kihn's second.

A little small talk with the audience and Kihn is back to infectious pop songs. He offers up the new track "Lucky," which would prove to be his last real radio hit. Kihn knew how to deliver records that radio programmers loved, perhaps because he made his living as a disc jockey before going full time as a professional musician. Kihn understood the politics of radio and knew what programmers needed in terms of a playable record.

But Kihn doesn't just showcase his own music at his shows. He often includes a number of great rock covers, which, combined with his originals, make for a well rounded set. Among the memorable covers on this recording are Love's pulsating "Little Red Book" (dating back to 1967 and written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David); Jonathon Richmond's "Roadrunner"; the always popular "Twist And Shout;" and a steaming version of the Spencer Davis Group's "Gimme Some Lovin'."

Kihn runs through hits from his entire career for the audience, who is clearly thrilled to be there. "Imelda Marcos Talking Blues" is not to be missed. Among other highlights are "Rendezvous" (written for him by his friend, Bruce Springsteen), "Reunited," "The Break-Up Song," and the show closing "Jeopardy."