Grateful Dead

Sample this concert
  1. 1Turn On Your Love Light36:41
  2. 2The Things (That) I Used To Do07:43
  3. 3That's All Right06:17
  4. 4Cryptical Envelopment (Incomplete)02:30
  5. 5Drums01:00
  6. 6The Other One11:30
  7. 7Cosmic Charley08:06
Liner Notes

"Pigpen" McKernan - vocals, harmonica; Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals; Bob Weir - guitar, vocals; Phil Lesh - bass, vocals; Tom Constanten - keyboards; Bill Kreutzmann - drums; Mickey Hart - drums; Guest: Wayne Ceballos - vocals; Guest: Elvin Bishop - guitar, vocals

This is the second set on the fourth and final night of this run. While not as consistently intense as the previous night, they again stray from the usual song transitions.

Following sets by Junior Walker and the All-Stars and Glass Family, the second Dead set begins with another monumental "Lovelight," featuring AUM vocalist Wayne Ceballos leading the cry. Amazingly, Pigpen sits out on his signature song and lets Wayne have a go at it for nearly 37 minutes. At approximately the half hour mark, Garcia and Ceballos get into a scatting session where they trade off licks and copy each other to amusing effect. Although lengthy, this is another enjoyable rendition that goes in new directions and rarely lets up on the momentum.

Following a verbal thumbs up from Pigpen, Ceballos and Garcia leave the stage. Elvin Bishop is invited up and he takes over for the slow blues tune "The Things I Used to Do." Pigpen is obviously having a fine time as he encourages Bishop along. Some fine guitar soloing and vocal improvisation occurs before they bring it to a close. Next up is "Who's Loving You Tonight?" Again, Elvin Bishop leads the way with Pigpen thoroughly enjoying himself and sharing vocal duties. This is the only time the Dead ever played these two songs, although Garcia would later explore "Who's Loving You Tonight" in his band with Merle Saunders.

They close this night in true psychedelic form with the "That's It for the Other One" suite before transitioning into "Cosmic Charlie" to end the show.