Gramme May 7, 2013


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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:04
  2. 2Too High04:16
  3. 3Girls Talk03:47
  4. 4I Feel The Moment04:14
  5. 5Cab Volt03:19
Gramme May 7, 2013
Liner Notes

Rarely does living in the moment backfire. It's usually where you'd like to be - with all the sensations tingling. One can occasionally live too much in the moment, as Gramme explains on the first song of this session, where someone has taken him or herself to a state where they're too high to even dance. The lights showed up and they had to party though -- all of this leading to a deafening exclusion of the effects of the drugs. They became nothing more than a minor player in the events of the evening, which ultimately led to copious amounts of dancing and eventual romance taking place.

One gets the feeling that, when it comes to the nights that Gramme envision as being constructed most appropriately, these nights where headaches and altered states are present are quickly converted into those that are much more conducive to letting it all go. They traffic in the impulses - the various triggers that will just set a person and their uncontrollables off, into their spins and their dives. They tap into those parts of a personality that cannot be restrained. They will wiggle out of the ropes, slide out of the tightest jams and just get on with it because they're compelled. These are the moments that you wake up to the following day and have to be re-versed in what actually went down. You might have no recollection of any of it happening.

These are the scuzzy, back-alley images of clubs and all of the wanting that goes on when beats and breaths are shared. These songs are whipped by the beat. They are self-serving nuggets of desire, as desire tends to be. It's all about you and what you want. They sing, "Get off of my wavelength," having only a single ticket to get down. We're taken right into the milky waters of a night that could wind up being all glazed and fogged over before we could ever know it. We can just take the plunge into that place that's sticky with lust and spilled drinks and that's the moment we'll have to take.