Graham Nash

  • Date Jun 4, 1989
  • Total Length 20:26
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Liner Notes

From his house in Los Angeles (complete with his kids running around in the background), Graham Nash phoned in to talk with Scott Muni shortly after the release of the first CSN&Y album since Déjà Vu. And while the album and the reunion dominate the conversation recorded here, Nash is also a little more nostalgic about the tunes he decides to introduce to fulfill his responsibility as DJ for the World of Rock radio show. Besides some cuts from the new CSN&Y album, he also gives the back-story on songs from The Hollies, Woodstock, and Joni Mitchell.

00:00 - Intro
00:39 - The CSN&Y album American Dream
01:47 - Origin of the American Dream title
02:19 - Making solo records to survive
02:58 - Intro to "Soldiers of Peace" / Nicaragua
04:28 - The Hollies: new-found success
05:21 - Intro to "Stop Stop Stop" / Soupy Sales, belly dancing
06:29 - Possibility for CSN&Y doing another album
07:55 - Intro for "Shadowland"
08:46 - The "W-word" / 20th anniversary of Woodstock
09:49 - Intro to "Woodstock" / Joni Mitchell and Dick Cavett
10:36 - Intro to "Our House" / Joni Mitchell
11:17 - The Crosby & Nash album in the works
11:49 - Intro to "My Country 'Tis of Thee" / in praise of the U.S.
12:43 - Intro to "Don't Say Goodbye" / Love and energy at home
14:04 - In praise of Scott Muni / outro

14:44 - Children of the World
15:36 - Explosive chemistry in CSN&Y
16:42 - Writing a song or producing for another musician
17:26 - Taking time off to learn computers, graphics, and video
17:45 - Stephen Stills writing a book
18:12 - David Crosby's book / hitting rock-bottom
19:21 - Interruption as kids come home from school
19:40 - Intro to "Clear Blue Skies" / pollution