Georgia Sea Island Singers

Sample this concert
  1. 1Come Out the Wilderness (Incomplete)01:01
  2. 2Introduction00:43
  3. 3Come Out The Wilderness02:05
  4. 4Introduction01:00
  5. 5I'm Gonna Lay Down My Life For My Lord02:05
  6. 6What You Gonna Do When This World Ends04:12
  7. 7Introduction00:43
  8. 8Little Johnny Brown02:44
  9. 9Draw Me A Bucket Of Water01:51
  10. 10Introduction00:24
  11. 11Old Tar River01:30
  12. 12Introduction00:48
  13. 13Give Me The Gourd To Drink Water02:12
  14. 14Walk Believer Walk01:17
  15. 15Been Down To The Mire02:19
  16. 16All Day All Night Angels Watch02:15
  17. 17Wasn't That A Time07:24
  18. 18Traveling Shoes02:02